Bzerk CD

This latest version of the BzerkCD is a state-of-the-art, bleeding edge installation of the -current development branche of FreeBSD. It has a lot of new features, making it a valuable rescue tool for system administrators. Some examples: The Bzerk CD is a complete installation of one of the most stable Operating Systems ever: FreeBSD. No installation procedure, all you need is a PC with CDRom drive you can boot from and you have a working Unix system.
WARNING: the Bzerk CD does NOT provide a grafical user interface (GUI). We consider this unnessesary bloat for its purpose. If you must have a gui, go get a knoppix cd.
Next to the CD, which is free to download as an ISO image (see below), BZERK is making some supplementary customized software and configuration files, making the Bzerk CD useable as a cheap and safe production server. Examples: If you're interested and require more information please send an email to

If you would like to create your own "LiveCD", here is a shell-script that automates and documents the procedure. Adjust as you like.


Previous releases had a problem with the dhclient program hanging forever on startup. This has been fixed in release 1.0.2

Download the Bzerk CD

This is release 1.0.2
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