Some Patches

HTTP accept filter patch

This trivial patch, relative to 8.0-CURRENT May 2009, adds the POST method to the requests buffered by the accf_http kernel module. This reduces the webserver's vulnerability to DOS attacks by script kiddies using scripts like slowloris
Note that the http accept filter was not intended to be used as an anti-DOS tool. For now, this seems to work though.

Sony vaio VGN-S5M/S patch

This patch, relative to 5.4-RELEASE, makes my vaio VGN-S5M/S laptop recognise the internal SATA controller for what it is. It's in the FreeBSD PR database here

MP3 player patch

This quirk will make the Time DPA20B 1GB MP3 player work in FreeBSD 5.4-STABLE. I'm told this player is also rebranded as Xirion, so this may work for some of those players as well.
It's in the FreeBSD PR database here

mount_mfs patch

This patch adds the -P option to mount_mfs. The idea is, when using a filesystem image as backend for a memory filesystem, you probably don't want to newfs it first. The -P option skips the newfs part.
This one is against 5.1-current. There's also a FreeBSD Problem Report.

FTPD patch

The reason for this patch is that I didn't want to accidentally create a useraccount that can "browse the directory tree" using ftp. With this patch, when using the new option -c to ftpd, only users that are in the file /etc/ftpchroot will be allowed access. And they will be restricted (chrooted) to their own homedirectory.
It's a patch against FreeBSD 4.5 STABLE, but it probably works on later versions as well.